Saturday, August 15, 2009

What, I Have a Blog?

It is so very easy to forget that one has a blog, what with all the facebook posts and random emails to forward. I would like to make the excuse that work has been so time consuming, but it's summer, and I have a lot more time off than usual. I did enjoy both of my summer jobs the past few months - summer school and camp - but I am glad that in a little over a week the school year will start up again. Structure is my friend. One of my best friends, in fact - right next to organization and cleanliness. I know this post is short and sweet, (and really not that interesting,) but I have a classroom to organize and obsess over, and I'm happy as a clam.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have decided that I have the cutest nephews in the world. If you have ever met my sister's children, you would understand why. Bruce and I had the pleasure of taking the two oldest (5 and 4) to the aquarium a few weeks ago. Let's just say it was an adventure. I won't give you an entire run-down of the events but lets just say that McDonald's was a much bigger hit than any crumby aquarium, and why on earth would any boy want to touch a stingray? (I wanted to, but what do I know.) I did find the experience to be very educational, however, so here are a few bits of information we gathered from the trip that I thought someone may find handy.

The World According to Anson:
1) You rate a McDonald's Playland by how many sets of stairs it has - the playland near Anson's house has 1 set, the one near Aunt Leigh's house has 2, thus making it the more desirable playland.

2) If you want to make an airplane you need two main parts - the flat metal for the wings, and the round metal with seats.

3) To make a cardboard box you:
1. place saggy cardboard on the conveyor belt
2. send it to the pair of hands (you must have a pair because one hand can't hold the tape
3. press the button to make the hands tape the saggy cardboard into a box

4) If you need a cement mixer (so you can make a cement wall from clay and water) you need to call UPS, and they will bring it directly to your house.

5) If you do not have the number for UPS, simply go to, click the UPS link, and they will connect you.

If only I had know these things! I would have had every cell phone number I ever needed, be making bank with my home-made concrete walls, and possibly have a lucrative career rating McDonald's playlands! I did learn one very important thing from all this - the theory of the world according to Heber: Sometimes there is no need to say anything, because there is usually someone who is talking enough for the both of you.

I love you, cute boys!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I really don't have much to say lately, so I haven't said anything. There's not much going on. I get up (which I don't think you want to hear about,) go to work (which I can't tell you about it,) come home (oh the excitement,) decide what to do for dinner (pretend we have enough money to go out or stay home and eat crap from a box - I just don't know what to choose!,) and go to bed (which is about as eventful as getting up.) Based on how intriguing this all must sound to you, I will make this post short and sweet: I still live in a basement, I still have a job, and I am still breathing. Let me know if any of this requires further clarification and I will try to pencil you in to my ever-evolving schedule.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Plot

For many years, a continuing risk has evolved in the guise of our demure Canadian brothers. For the safety of the great state of Utah, I invite you all to check out my other blog, and decide for yourself - friend, or foe? Check the blog log to the right and click on "The Alberta Plot."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jumping the Gun

I am constantly accused of being overzealous when it comes to the holiday season. I usually have my shopping done before Thanksgiving, or shortly afterward. Therefore, for those of you who think I may be moving too quickly and not properly enjoying the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I have decided to create a list of the reasons why I am pretty much done with my holiday purchases, and you should be too.

10. Friends in far off places - Shipping costs a ton, ship early to save. No, I'm not cheap, just thrifty.
9. Far off Family - No I don't mean physical distance. It's basic survival to buy gifts for the people who you only talk to once a year as soon as an idea hits, even if it's in March, and then hope they don't buy it themselves.
8. Charities - A safe bet for those presents they do buy for themselves
7. Busy Sidewalks - a "Christmas-y" term for too many cranky people
6. Pampered Pets - It takes time to find the perfect gift for the dog who has everything.
5. Trimming - You all ready have to trim the tree and wrap the presents, isn't that enough?
4. Turkey - I lose a whole week recovering from Thanksgiving
3. Popularity - What can I say, so many parties, so little time.
2. My husband - Might as well buy it early because Bruce won't realize it. I've wrapped his presents in front of him without his noticing. (This reason probably doesn't apply to you, but if it does, I'd love to hear why.)
1. Relaxing - It gives me a chance to actually enjoy Christmas, and brag to you about being pretty much finished.

Best of luck to all you procrastinators out there.